Imagine a totally exclusive cellar specially developed to store your collection ...

It is known that wines, however simple they may be need to be kept in a safe, dark, humid and temperature controlled place. It is also known that it is necessary to have patience, one of the greatest virtues of wine, to be able to appreciate the nuances that time brings, keeping some special bottles.

The planning of a cellar requires two fundamental points of attention, the optimization of capacity and the correct climate, as the wines need to be stored at specific temperatures. This is important so that the corks do not dry out, making it easier for air to enter the bottles, which impairs the quality of the wine.

The cellar can be in the kitchen, living room or even on a balcony. It can be composed in horizontal or vertical format and illuminated with cold light.

For all these reasons, building the ideal wine cellar is essential to store your collections, be it small or large.

If you don't know where to start and would like the opinion of a professional to have the winery of your dreams get in touch with us.

Your project will go through all the essential steps, from understanding the client's need and desire, planning and elaboration of the architectural project, layout study, presentation of technical feasibility, confection, pre-assembly, execution, until its completion.